Summer beauty faves

So summer is finally here and it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. Below I will share some of my favorites and how I use them. I typically have very sensitive and dry skin. The products I’m discussing have been gentle on my skin and helped relieve my dryness.

I always start with my Clarisonic, it cleanses deeply without drying, in addition I’m currently using Cleansing Story brand cleanser. It’s a Korean brand I have recently discovered and so far I’m loving it.

This cleanser is great at removing dirt and makeup and has a gentle scent. It does not irritate my eyes or skin, which is something I’ve had to deal with when using most brands of cleansers.

My all time favorite toner is the Thayers Rose petal witch hazel. It’s calming and feels great on the skin. The best part is that it’s easily found and affordable.

The serum I’m loving at the moment is Cold-pressed Marula oil by The Ordinary. I purchase The Ordinary products at The Ordinary products are effective and affordable. You do not need much of the oil, a little goes a long way.

The days I’m not planning to do my makeup I will use organic castor oil under my eyes. My under eyes tend to be very dry and irritated. I’ve noticed since applying castor oil for a few weeks my under eye area is brighter and the lines are softer, most importantly they are moisturized therefor my concealer is less likely to crease. On days I will be applying makeup I will use Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Eye Treatment

To finish my skincare routine I use m-61 Hydraboost moisturizer with 30 SPF. This moisturizer not only has SPF, it is hydrating and firming. Loaded with peptide vitamin B5

I hope you find some valuable information in this post. Let me know if you plan on trying or if you currently use these products. Also if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments xx

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